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About the Sodaterukai

The Sodaterukai is an organization that encourages juveniles to become more independent. It also seek to reshape the educational environment through outdoor activities and nature-related experience. Moreover, by putting education activities at the core, it stimulates urban and rural exchange relationships and activities all over Japan.


Sodaturukai's Origin
Sodaterukai's Ideology
Sodaterukai's Instruction Policy

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Sodaturukai's Origin

old The Sodaterukai was established in 1968 by teachers, parents and education-experienced people.

At the time, Japan's economy was soaring and the materialistic development of the country could be felt with every passing day. However, the environment in which kids were raised also went through a tremendous upheaval, which brought several problems to the surface in the children's education.

It was through this tumultuous period that the Sodaterukai came up with ideas to preserve the ideas such as "True knowledge can be obtained through direct experience" and "For kids to learn the true independence through various nature experiences and everyday life experience is needed." Unfortunately, these ideas were being washed away by this fast-changing era.

Sodaterukai's Ideology

Every child has his or her own potential. That is why they should have the opportunity to ignite the potential and grow it on their own. This is the Sodaterukai's ideology.

Sodaterukai's Instruction Policy

instructor The Sodaterukai seeks to dig out the potential out of each kid while letting them think, act and learn on their own.

Upon meeting a challenge, kids need to learn how to think, draw a conclusion and act on their own. Instructors should be there only for supervision and to offer advices.


1968 Sodaterukai is established. Release of the "Sodateru" magazine.
1969 Implementation of the first nature-experience camp in Omachi, Nagano (Former Yasaka village). 29 participants.
1973 - Approval of the Ministry of Education for the Sodaterukai as an incorporated foundation.
- Nature-experience camp participants in 1973: 1,100 participants.
1975 Completion of the juvenile nature-experience center "Yamanami-sanso"
1976 Launch of Japan's first year around Sansonryugaku* campus in Omachi, Nagano (Former Yasaka village) 9 participants.
1983 - Launch of another Sansonryugaku campus in the Urugi Village, Nagano. From then until now, Sansonryugaku campuses have been implemented nationwide.
- Establishment of the "Zenkoku Sansonryugaku Kyokai (Nationwide Sansonryugaku Association)", the Sansonryugaku organizations network.
1988 Sodaterukai 20th anniversary.
1995 Sansonryugaku 20th anniversary. Sansonryugaku total participants went over 1000.
1998 Sodaterukai 30th anniversary.
1999 Entrusted by the Ministry of Education and other organization for various research projects.
2006 Sansonryugaku total participants went over 2000.
2014 Received authorization from the Prime Minister as a public interest incorporated foundation.

*Sansonryugaku is a foundation recruiting elementary and junior high school students from all over Japan to live in a rural environment during a whole year. The students attend local public schools and experience a countryside lifestyle.


longtermimage Address: Asahiseimei Bldg. 5F, 1-6-7, Naka-cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, Japan
Postal Code: 180-0006
TEL: +81-422-56-0151
FAX: +81-422-56-0351

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